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New Puppy, Aggressive Cat

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I just brought home the sweetest little 4 month old bored collie-poodle mix and my cat is FURIOUS. I understand why, this is her home and hes new but i dont know exactly what to do. I have been keeping them seperate with a touch of interaction but she juts likes to swat at him and its terrifying the little guy. He definitely knows whos boss and has no problem letting her run the show. Im hoping they will calm down in a week or so, is this realistic? Shes already less stressed around him after 2 days but i dont want him to get hurt. Thanks!
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We have a very "dog savvy" cat. He doesn't run anywhere and knows if he wants to get away from the dogs to just jump up and out of the way. He actually chases the dogs around from time to time and will swat at them without his claws. With that said, he's grown up his entire life with a dog in the house.

Now, there's no way to make your cat like your dog, though he will most likely mellow out a bit after a few weeks. I think most cats would be more likely to avoid or hide from the dog rather than attack. So, I would let your cat sort of run the show in terms of letting the cat come to the dog and not forcing anything. Also make sure the cat has a safe place to go to get away from the dog (either with baby gates or kitty doors that the pup can't fit through). You have a very smart and high-energy mix that should learn early that the kitty is not a toy and definitely should not be herded!!!!!! Trust me, as your pup gets older, he'll get more bold. Ace used to be TERRIFIED of the cat, but he's certainly not anymore. >.< I think if your cat can teach the dog to back off now, it'll be a lot easier to train him that the cat is not a toy or a sheep later. With that said, if your cat is really being aggressive or attacking unprovoked, it would be best to separate them.
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