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New puppy - Advice w/growling

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I have a new Yorkie, 10 wks old, we're working through standard training such as house training, walking on a leash, etc...
One area I don't know how to handle is that he has begun to growl, bite and fight hard when trying to put on a harness, collar or sweater, which he needs early morning since the temperatures have been dropping around freezing. Since he's small, I can usually force the issue and get it on him, but then the next time I have to, he fights harder and growls more. I'm not sure how to handle this. Any suggestions?
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Dump the harness and simply keep a collar on him. Use a slip lead and once you have the slip lead on, attach a leash to the collar, remove the slip lead and go about your walk. Doing this you have just changed the conversation.
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