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Welcome to the forum and to puppiness.

Did you read the part where Ian says it will get worse before it gets better? Have you gotten there yet? Be reassured, your perseverance (more than the pups) will see you through.

Honestly, bite inhibition is a lifetime thing. Not that it will be an issue for a lifetime, but it's one of those things to always follow the rules of bite inhibition. That said, the 3 month rule is not that concrete IMO. Just keep the pattern and your pup will figure it out. Your pup is that formative.

There should be rules to games, and you set those rules. Once the dog is too excited, the game ends. If either of you feels the need to be forceful, the game ends. Like I said, your pup is that formative, so stay away from forcing the dog or physically manipulating the dog to change behavior. You want to bond with the dog, and gain the dogs trust. Physically manipulating her can ruin that, so don't tempt it.

As for the leash, how are you forming a positive association with it? Go to the video "Conditioning an emotional response", here: http://abrionline.org/videos.php. You'll want to do the same with the leash.
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