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It sounds to me like you are doing great! the occasional accident on your part happens...do you tether her to you inside? It helps a lot.

Flirt poles are also really cool- one of my dogs love 'em.

My dogs were pretty vicious nippers until about 4-5 months. It literally stopped overnight! But in the meantime, a few of my yoga pants and sweatshirts are ruined, but I look at those holes with love!

Hi everyone

I'm new to this forum, and new to owning a dog. I've spent a fair bit of time reading up and watching vids on getting a puppy, on Dog Forums and other places in the internet, but would like a bit more advice if possible please.

Now i suspect that my expectations might be a little bit too high, and that i'm probably a little bit impatient, but i suppose i'm just looking for a bit of reassurance that i'm on the right track, and that things will improve over time.

Our puppy is a 13 week old Sydney Silkie/Yorkshire Terrier cross who we got just over a week and a half ago. She's gorgeous, and both my wife and i have fallen in love with her, but we just can't seem to curtail her biting. I've read 'The Bite Stops Here' and we are trying the techniques listed, but they don't seem to have any effect on her.

We've tried techniques like putting toys that she is allowed to bite in her mouth when she tries to bite us, saying "Owwww!" and withdrawing from play, saying "Owwww! you mean girl! That's it! No more fun!" and leaving the room, closing the door behind us. I saw vids about holding her down, which i've since found out is called the Alpha Roll, and which only seem to rile her up even more (i also now know that the Alpha Roll is not recommended, and that the theory behind it has been debunked - seems there's a lot of conflicting info out there!).

Dr Ian Dunbar suggests that the biting should have stopped by 3 months, so i'm wondering if it's just because her training has started a bit late? I admit i've found myself getting a bit riled up too, and on occasion have resorted to grabbing her bottom jaw when she bites me. she just pulls away when i let go and then has another try at biting me.

On the positive side, she now seems to be house-trained (but does have the occasional accident), seems to be crate-trained, is able to sit on command, and behaves during the night, and when i am at college in the morning (i'm home every afternoon).

We do a lot of play, because i know that a tired dog is a good dog. So should we just keep going with what we are doing? Or should i modify what i'm doing?

She seems to have accepted her collar and registration tag now, and we started leash training earlier in the week - just letting her drag it round for the first new days, and starting to put a bit of pressure on it now; she hates it, whimpers, cries, pulls away. Again, will it improve over time?

I get the logic behind these training techniques, but i'm confused as to the timeframe i should be expecting for improved behaviour. Does anyone have any other advice or suggestions?

Many thanks :)
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