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I have always had to work all day and worked with a long commute and left my puppy alone all day and it has not been a disaster. HOWEVER, I had my own house and a basement area with a concrete floor so I could set up a puppy pen with an attached crate. I put a pan in the pen area with wood shaving in it (you could also use shredded paper) and the puppy used that as a potty area.

Your puppy needs to learn about being left alone and how to be quiet NOW and not later. It is best to imprint this routine on his brain sooner than later as they learn so much before turning 16 weeks old.

I would try to find a way to set up a pen as noted above on a hard floor (such as in the kitchen) (they make foldable X Pens). I would set up a pan for pee/poop as noted about. I would take a Kong type toy, fill it with plain low fat yogurt and freeze it and give that to the puppy before leaving him alone so he has something to do. Also leave a couple of safe, washable toys with him. (Get lots of toys but only give him 2 or 3 each day and then change them so he has New Toys each day).

I go to work daily. I have 3 dogs. Two are in outdoor Kennels and one is in an indoor Kennel. There is no one to take them out. They are fine. I get home and they are my first priority to get out etc.

Someone has to earn the money to pay for the dog food and the roof over us all!
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