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New puppies with dermatomycoses - Aviod?

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Looking at getting my first dog - A Staffy bitch.

A litter has recently become available in my area. The breeder has been very honest and explained that a couple of pups got dermatomycoses.

Despite separating the pups, the whole litter was affected. They have now been treated, and confirmed by the vet to be clear of the infection, although some patches of fur have not fully grown back.

Should I be worried about this? Should I visit the pups, or should I keep waiting for another litter?
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So basically the litter had ringworm? Yeah if they are all clear I wouldn't be worried about it, specially since the breeder has been honest with you. I would go ahead and visit the pups. Ringworm can happen to even the best of breeders. One of my litters got it when they were staying with the co breeder, because a stray cat with ringworm shed it in her yard and the mom transferred it to the pups. They were given the best of care to get rid of the fungus, and all got great homes.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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