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We drove 5.5 hours both ways yesterday to get our new pup... a 13 month old newf. He had been returned to his breeder because 'he wouldn't get housebroken' but the breeders haven't had any issue with him (they crate trained him), but they had to keep him away most of the time because one of the other returns (a 3yo male) kept picking on him... so he was a bit stressed and he's a bit underweight (but he was clearly loved).

Bit shy at first, but he warmed up pretty quick. He was a champ on the ride home, but we had to bribe him with food to get him out of the car both times (we had a potty break). Then he won't go upstairs in our house (husband slept downstairs with him)... going to have to work on that somehow, lol. No accident and he went right to pee when I let him out this morning.

He's a doll. Tries to mount our dogs, which they are not very fond of, but doesn't show ANY interest in anything in the house, which is great (and will last, I hope, but apparently he didn't at his house either). We need to get him groomed though, I will try to see what I can do tomorrow, and he hasn't been on heartworm meds so I need to take him to the vet. So in love. Our dogs really are fine with him though, bit of growling here and there, but that's it (which is what I expected, but I was still worried), and my 19 month old is already playing with him too (but they're not on each other all the time thankfully).

Anyway, we kept his name, this is Buddy! (and my other two... 19 month old Eskimo/husky mix and 14yo mix.. unsure what type)

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