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New Pup won't eat...

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Greetings -

I am a long time Golden Retriever owner, and about 4 weeks ago lost my older dog to a sudden bout with cancer. My younger pup (5 yrs old) went completely NUTS from the separation and after trying a few things, our Vet recommended a new companion for the 5 yr old. Having always had an interest in some of the giant breeds, I found a Newfie pup that was 16 weeks old - perfect according to the Vet, since the new dog wouldn't bee too young nor too old so as not to intimidate the 5 yr old.

So, yesterday I drove about 90 minutes to pick up out newly adopted family member...he's a really cute brown pup and seems to get along wonderfully with our 5 yr old Golden. However, he is refusing to eat (other than his puppy treats)?? I purchased the same food he was eating (per the breeder) and even mixed in a little pumpkin (again, per the breeder) since he got his final shots and rabies vaccine on Friday. He just won't eat. Then last night/this morning, he is throwing up small amounts of flem....not constantly nor a lot of volume, but he's gotten "sick" probably 3 or 4 times (with several spit ups each "event").

Any suggestions? I'm probably being overly cautions/concerned, but I've just never had any of my Golden's refuse food unless something was wrong with them.

Hoping it's just the stress of shots and a new home, but just in case, I thought I'd ask.

Thanks for any help....

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What a cutie! If it's only been a day, I wouldn't worry. If he's still reluctant to eat tomorrow see if he'll eat some rice or plain boiled chicken. Whenever my dogs get their rabies shots they're always reluctant to eat for a day or two.
Thanx - seems he was just getting used to his new home and the shots....he ate a bit last night and more this morning...definitely coming "out of his shell" this morning and acting much more like a puppy.
He's probably already better... but I've found that my dogs can run a fever when they have their first rabies and other shots at the same time. In fact, my older dog seemed distracted (like flu symptoms), when he got his first 3-year rabies and 3-year shots... when he had been getting 1 year shots. But he was fine and hungry the next day.

As far as your pup, the ride in the car could have added to his upset stomach. ...
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