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New Pictures Like Promised:

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Well, I just got back from the dog park... Donatello had a blast! Guess what he did guys... He played with a dog 5x his size... and not just any dog, a Brittany Spaniel!! That dog has like 115x more hyperactive energy than Donatello! Can you believe it? He doesn't get along well with most male dogs, but his owner asked if they could come in, and with Donatello- He either likes them instantly or hates them instantly... He was wagging his tail, barking, and bowing... They wrestled and roughhoused for almost an hour! He is plum, smack wore out! : D It's great! And the other dog's owner even stuck her arm out and wiggled her finger at Donatello and Donatello just wagged his tail... See? He's not vicious, or aggressive... He likes almost everyone, they just have to give him a chance to sniff them out first.

I didn't manage to get any pictures, I was nervous about asking her if it was alright if pictures of her dog were posted all over the net. lol!

Anyway, onto the pictures I do have!

Like always, we showed up and it was dead.

Inspecting the bench...

"I don't think I like your tone..."

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"Do I have to sit?"

"Wait, I gotta itch..."

"See my new trick I learned? I do it all the time... I'm sitting handsome!"

"I can also dance on cue too... Watch out Tony Danza!"

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He was stalking a bird... : P

but to no avail...

Thanks for looking everyone! : D
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awwww... theres the cute little guy. You're doing wonderful with him.
Aww, thanks! : D I couldn't have even begun to turn his life around if it wasn't for the help of everyone here. : D
Thanks... Believe it or not, he picked up "sit handsome" in a matter of three days... It was difficult the first day because he thought he was being punished, but now I can't get him to stop! lol! Every time I get a treat he automatically "sits handsome", lol! I don't have the heart to make him stop. ; ) He loves pleasing me almost as much as he loves his treats!
I know, isn't it cute? It's as if they're like, "Look, see? I remembered." I don't have the heart to make him stop, so usually I just tell him "good boy" and make him "dance" or "lay down" then give him the treat... But he knows his "sit handsome" trick is a real crowd-pleaser!
Hehe- Me too! I'm going to save it and print it out to frame... Very few people have seen him do this, aside from my family, but now I have proof! lol!
Hehe- Thanks! I think it's because I zoom in so close, and his body is so small I fill the picture with him.

I'll take some realistic shots soon, compared to me... So you can see how tiny he is!
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