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New Pictures Like Promised:

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Well, I just got back from the dog park... Donatello had a blast! Guess what he did guys... He played with a dog 5x his size... and not just any dog, a Brittany Spaniel!! That dog has like 115x more hyperactive energy than Donatello! Can you believe it? He doesn't get along well with most male dogs, but his owner asked if they could come in, and with Donatello- He either likes them instantly or hates them instantly... He was wagging his tail, barking, and bowing... They wrestled and roughhoused for almost an hour! He is plum, smack wore out! : D It's great! And the other dog's owner even stuck her arm out and wiggled her finger at Donatello and Donatello just wagged his tail... See? He's not vicious, or aggressive... He likes almost everyone, they just have to give him a chance to sniff them out first.

I didn't manage to get any pictures, I was nervous about asking her if it was alright if pictures of her dog were posted all over the net. lol!

Anyway, onto the pictures I do have!

Like always, we showed up and it was dead.

Inspecting the bench...

"I don't think I like your tone..."

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"See my new trick I learned? I do it all the time... I'm sitting handsome!"

OMG How cute! I'm in love with this picture!
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