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Hi All, i'm from South Africa. I have two Pekingese. Both male, 3.5 years of age now. Got them at extremely early age, 4 weeks. Both from same litter.

I have just recently found out that my two pekes have developed a "codependent relationship" / "littermate syndrome". The trainer informed me that the best chance at a happy life for my pekes would be to re-home one of them and then she and I would be able to train the one left living with me.

I geuss I'm looking for a second opinion...

In my heart I believe it to be the right thing. As I have tried everything now with no success witch seems to guve.them more power over me instead. I want my dogs to have the best life and currently they have no relationship with me and only see me as an object and not their owner hence why they don't listen.

The relationship they have with each other started from the first week I got them (I didn't know what I know now) and has just progressed worse and worse each year. They don't just bark but want to viciously attack ANY human they don't know and of course hate all kids even if they've been introduced. But also any animal. It's causing so much anxiety for me and I'm sure for them as well. They have bitten human ankels before.

They eat their poop (beginning I thought it was due to nutrition, now I know better). They will chase bicycles, cars, animals, people... Ugh, anything.

So I found a resue center in South Africa for Pekingese and have listed the one peke there. He has to still live with me until someone wants to adopt him. So I still have the issues to live with, and by the sounds of it, the rescue center is full and very few pekes are getting adopted. I'm also scared of people abusing him in another home even if home checks are done, whether they will do the effort to train him whether they will put him down. I'm scared for him and don't want to hurt my dog. I love him too much.

So I still have the issues in my house and when we have to go outside. Until an adopter has been found.

They are potty trained (not sure how exactly I got that right). They will sit and stay for treats. But other than that, they don't listen, especially when listening is required around other humans and animals.

What do you think? Is it the best thing to re-home my one peke or is there another way to save them?
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