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New, need help eggs/oatmea pleasel?

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okay, well i am new to these site pretty cool site tho idk why i never thought of looking for this lol but anyways real reason why.

i have a 1yr 5months. hes my love kinda crazy ahah sleeps a lot and runs every hes a English bulldog/? idk the other part maybe you'll can help lol his mom got out and had a stand fun one night and came back and my man popped out haha ill attch more pic after i post this need help asap hes hungry..

i feed him eggs yesterday i feed him 2 scrambled in coconut oil. got alot laying around and heard it great for his coat and skin.. i wanted to now if i could feed hims eggs and oatmeal? as a meal? i was reading somewhere that someone did that now sure. but wanted to hes a outside dog also if that matter. i know, i know, i know.. outside:redface:its dad i want him inside with me. but when i move out hes coming in now worries lol

i think it made sense sorry if didnt work with me lol thanks ppl

collars gone he got a harness now should have that since a pup lol


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For an occasional meal (maybe once every couple of weeks, yeah, eggs and oatmeal would be fine. But it's not a balanced diet for everyday feeding.
kk ima just hold off till i go get his food in few

thank you so much.
You can feed eggs frequently. They're a good source of protein. One a day would be fine (you can feed them raw or cooked). But oatmeal is more of a filler than anything, and his dog food probably has plenty of grain in it anyway.
Don't even bother cooking the eggs. Dogs loooooooove raw eggs. The extra protein is good for them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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