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bloddhounds need lots of food. I would say at least 3 cups per meal

Not as 7 week old pups.

Sadie, what kind of information are you looking for as a first time owner? As far as feeding, go to the food section, thereare tons of info about great foods, a large breed pup such as a Bloodhound should be fed three times a day from a food designed for large breeds. That means lower protien that smaller breeds and lower fat. You don't want to cause joint problems by giving the dog too much protien, large breeds should be grown slowly. NEver over feed your pup, that too can cause problems. You should be able to see the last two ribs and hte from the top the pup should have a nice tuck in the waist area.

If you need good breed specific info, I'd suggest you go to a breed specific board as well as asking questions here. Breed specific boards will focus o nthe specialized training needs of your dog as well as have diuscussions on the health issues that may accompany your pup.

I do highly suggest you check out our training discussin, the top has several stickies that you may find usefull to get started on training, your pup is NEVER too young to start training it and early training prevents problems down the road.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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