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Hi everyone!

I am new to this site. My dog has been having health concerns and the vet is at a loss as to what he could be. Hoping to get some insight from this group


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Hi there. What are the health issues and what is your dogs diet like?
We went through thousands of dollars in medical bills the past 4 years with testing, special foods, allergy desensitizing kits, creams, washes, soaps, oral medication, ultrasounds, lab work, you name it we did it.
The vet was at a loss and we were frustrated to the point of considering euthanasia, our dog was suffering so badly we just didn't know what to do next.
I decided last summer to take her health into my own hands and fired the vet. We put her on a raw diet and she is basically almost 100% cured. No more smelly blood in her urine, no more clots or crystals in her bladder, her fur has regrown, no more yeast infections on her legs and belly, no pyoderma, no ear infections, no interdigital cysts. She is no longer depressed and enjoys eating. She's like a puppy with lots of energy now. Before going raw, she would take all day to eat her food, she didnt enjoy it even though it was top of the line grain free dry dog food.
Her life has completely changed around I kid you not since changing her diet. So much so I have changed my diet drastically too and am loving the benefits.
Vaccines will destroy your dog and their immunity, cause allergies, illness, and drain your wallet.
Diet is key along with fasting if necessary. Dry brushing the dogs body to help encourage the lymphatic system to move and rid itself of toxins. Sunshine exercise and maybe even some dog safe herbs. You can't go wrong!
I hope this helps. You will be amazed. It takes time but changing a dogs diet is 1000x easier than changing our own. They can't open the fridge!?
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