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Hi All,

I'm Julia, new to the forums, made a few posts last night but figured I should do an Introduction, I'm from Northern Alberta, Canada. I've had dogs my whole life, starting with a poodle mix, Norwegian Elkhound Mix, and back to another poodle mix, I also have a cat and a rabbit, Mr Bojangles. I love all animals and all three I currently have are all rescues. I do a lot of work training dogs, I dog sit for people who have aggressive/unstable dogs only, since it's usually hard to find dog-sitters for those kind of dogs and I enjoy a good challenge. Some clients ask me to come over every few months when their dogs need some extra work. I believe all dogs want to live a happy and stable life, it's their owners who fail them when they are not living that kind of life, and ultimately the dog is the one who pays for it.

Cuddles is my current fur-baby, he's a small poodle mix (thinking Maltese but not sure). He's 6 months old, and we rescued him about a month and 1/2 ago. He came from Mexico, his previous owners moved out of their house and just left him behind, I'm forever grateful to the people who swooped in and saved him from the streets and from ending up euthanized at the pound. According to records he was rescued at about 3 months, so he was just a lil one when they left him. He's so sweet and smart, everyone who meets him can't believe he's 6 months old, does have his times where he acts like a typical puppy, but very polite most of the time, defiantly a little gentleman. I'm just finishing up University for my Bachelor of Social Work, and I can see him being a perfect addition to my future career, looking at getting him trained to be a Canine good neighbor next year, want him to enjoy being a pup for awhile before.

Attached are pictures of Cuddles and Chance, my old dog who we lost last summer, he was 13 and is missed dearly. Still adjusting to having a tiny dog instead of a 90lbs one, however Cuddles is such a joy we don't miss the size too much.

Look forward to posting and hearing about everyone's dogs!!


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