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Hi everyone! I have a question that you probably haven't discussed on this forum, since the luxating patella I am dealing with is not in my dog, but in my cat. There is no info on cat forums regarding this, because the condition is very rare in cats. So, I hoped that those of you who had dealt with it in your dogs could offer some advise.

Let me first say that our cat is overweight and currently on a diet. She has never exhibited any issues with lameness before and we think we know exactly when she may have "injured" her knee. I am aware that LP are more commonly genetic, but her symptoms came on suddenly a day or two after the suspected injury.

The vet that diagnosed her says it is a stage I to II and does not receommend surgery at this time. I have her on Recovery SA glucosamine supplement, fish oil, rest and of course her weight loss diet. Vet #1 thinks over time we will see her improve. I should say that her knee popping incidents got gradually worse - some days only a couple, other days as many as eight, but the knee always pops back in on its own. Sometimes not immediately and the cat collapses to the floor. Only occassionally does she cry out in pain. We saw the symptoms disappear over the weekend as she was recovering from dental work and was very immobile and on some pretty good drugs. Yesterday however, she had three incidents all when she moved to quickly or sprinted. I am still somewhat encouraged, since prior to that she would have "blow outs" even when walking at a normal pace.

Vet #2 - he has not examined her himself, and is only giving me an opinion on what I've told him, he says it was not injury related and it must have surgery. Vet #2 has been known to be a bit "surgery happy" in my experience with him. Also, the suspected injury occurred at his clinic when she went for shots, so I wonder if he is discounting that theory partly because of that reason???

What I would like to know, is if those of you who have experienced stage I & II LP conditions in your dogs saw them recover from this over time, and without getting worse and needing surgery.

Any info you could offer would be greatly appreciated. I am concerned that my kitty may become completely lame. And she is already depressed because she isn't allowed outside right now.

Thanks in advance!


Wow! I guess this condition is rarer than I thought. Really, no one out there with a testimonial???

Wow! I guess this condition is rarer than I thought! Really, is there no one out there with a testimonial??
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