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:) New Member w/Papillon

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Hi, my name is Sarah. I've been lurking the forum for a few weeks now, and thought I might as well introduce myself. I just recently moved into my first house and will be getting a new companion named Oliver on July 17th. He will be 8 weeks this saturday and I'm anxiously awaiting a photo/video update from his breeder. He is a sable papillon, and he will also be the first male dog I've ever had. My family has always had females... I've heard males are sometimes more playful than females. I guess I will find out...

Here are some photos:

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Welcome :)
Oliver is adorable. I hope to see a ton of pictures of him as he grows up.
Papillons are awesome :)
Uh Oh, wait till Laurelin finds this post! :D The "baby" pictures are just too cute. And I feel puppy fever hitting a few other members on here. I am immune to it...sorta. :eek: Oliver is a cutie and the name fits him. Can't wait to watch him grow up. Paps change so much as they grow into adulthood.
Yayy, another Pappy owner. I think we've taken over this forum!! Oliver is adorable, and I love his name!! I almost named Gizmo that...but my fiance won that argument.

I have two Paps myself, and trust me, you cannot just own one!!
He's really really cute. He looks a lot like my Beau did when he was really small. Welcome to the board. We'll want to see lots of pics as he grows up!
Oh, what a little sweetie! Papillons are on my I-wish-I-could list of dogs. Can't wait to see more pics as he grows up.
Holy cow!! As much as I love my large breed dog (Greyhound) I still can be a sucker for many of the little breeds and this is one of them. And I TOTALLY love the name Oliver... how exciting for you!!
awwwwww!!! I love paps! He is very cute!
Hello & welcome to df. Oliver is a real cutie. I have a soft spot for paps & think I may have one when I'm too old for another border.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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