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New member w/lab/border collie mix

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I'm from NW WA and have a 1 and 1/2 yr old border collie/lab mix (at least that's what I've discerned she is:) We've worked through a far share of most of our issues but there's still lots of training I need to learn.

My biggest concern is how she treats almost any other dog- at this point we avoid most dogs b/c she has issues w/aggression no matter the dog. Even dogs she plays well with one day she'll snap at the next. Her shackles go up and it's all over. It doesn't seem to matter if a toy is out or not, or how close she is to me (Although me petting another dog with her is out of the question). Some days are better than others. I hope to post this on the training thread and see what good feedback I can get with out spending millions on a dog therapist. Maybe i'm just being too hard on her and she's near perfect so I should just let this one go... any thoughts?

That's us in a nut shell. I talk about her bad traits but she is an amazing dog on an open trail. We do well hiking and backpacking together. She's got a lot of energy but is super smart and trains well when i put forth the patience of teaching her things. She also is very good with people and fetching.
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