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New member-Rottie n Aussie mum

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Looking forward tor being an active member in this wonderful community

I have had rotties since the 80s
Always had male rotties -
My first was a imcredible boy named Kaiser - passed at age 13 osteosarcoma
I was a long time member of the Rottweiler forum as kaisers mom -
The site is no longer in existence

My next was an adoptee from a shelter - Max - also passed age 13 osteosarcoma
He helped me foster ( failed foster lol ) Duke - they were the best of buddies
Walked in pairs with me , parades , walks etc .
Duke passed age 12 also osteosarcoma :(

in their honor and memory I opened my heart to Another to know the love they knew on this world

Months later the breeder was moving overseas to take care of her ill mother -
She asked me to take the littermate male rottie

I currently have the two womderful loving male rotties now 5 years old and
a 2 yr old goofy fun red Merle Aussie (my exfiancee wanted and then didn't - disposable to him argh- too much dog for him

I love my "kids" and look forward to being an active member
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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