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Hey all!

I am Sinne, a 22 year old student from Belgium (so not a native speaker, please bear with me).

It has been a year now since our Border Collie died at almost 16. I chose her from the nest when I was 6. She had been there as long as I can remember so it was a heavy loss, still is.

We have all been saying "no more dogs for us" for a year now. But then.... a friend of my mom mentioned they were looking for a rescue. I offered to help as I knew a very active organization. That is when my mom and I started to look at all the sad faces ...

and everything started escalating :biggrin1:

soooo we're about two weeks later and we have picked out a rescue of almost 2 years old (a mix breed) and he will be coming home very soon. I will probably be posting about him as soon as he arrives.

I am planning on doing a lot of obedience training with him as I am very fascinated by animal's learning abilities. I also 'experiment' on my horse and am a big fan of using rewards, which sadly is not common AT ALL in horse riding here. I know very few trainers who actually give their horse a treat when they perform well during riding. So let's say I try to think out of the box and try to make every training a positive experience, as is more common in dog training.

I really look forward to having a young dog to work with now that I am a bit calmer and more able than I was as a child/teenager with the previous dog. She behaved well and knew the basics, but I would like to take it a bit further with the next dog.
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