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New Member - Pictures of my Dogs

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Hi everyone. I love this board and wanted to post pictures of my dogs. (I hope the pictures aren't too big)

These are my 2 littermates, Mia and Cara. I adopted them from the pound at about 10 weeks old. I wanted Mia, but I couldn't leave her sister, Cara, there alone, and now I don't know what I'd do without them both. They're about 6.5 years old.

A few years ago, I fulfilled a lifetime dream of owning a German Shepherd. After much research and searching, we got Jaia (male) at 8 weeks old. About 6 months later, the breeder contacted us to see if we would be interested in Jaia's little half-sister. So, we got B'asia, too. Jaia will be 3 in August and and B'asia's 2. Jaia and B'asia.

If these pictures are too big, I will come back and edit them.
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Mia and Cara are such cutie's...love em! Welcome to the forum and the photos are just the right size! Oh, and the GSD's are quite good looking as well. :D
Well your shepherds are beautiful but your two ragamuffins are more my style. They are gorgeous.
Hi and Welcome to DF!. Made me smile to read you rescued two bonded dogs. They are cute! Shepherds are beautiful too!

Maureen, Cartman & Quinn
Including lovely pictures in your intro post...yes you will fit in JUST fine lol

Welcome to DF :)
Welcome to the dogforum. What an absolutely LOVELY family you have their. I think they are all really pretty dogs but I have to admit that Mia and Cara really pull extra hard at my heartstrings. :)
Your dogs are beautiful. Love the two rescues especially because I'm partial to fluffy pups, but the other two look wonderful. It touches my heart that you adopted the two girls together.

Look forward to seeing more pictures. Thanks for posting!
Your crew is gorgeous!
wow, what a full house! Welcome and lovely pics!
Your dogs are gorgeous! I love the how the GSDs are posing in that picture! And the other two are just adorable! Welcome!
Welcome! You have a gorgeous crew! I can't wait to see more pictures of all of them.
Welcome to DF!! I, too, did an "AWWWWW!!!" when I read that you adopted sisters...they are lovely pups for sure, as are your GSD's! :D

Again, welcome to DF's and I look forward to seeing more pictures of your crew. :)
Welcome to DF! Your dogs are as gorgeous as always.

I have seen you around PDGS and a GSD forum. Great to have you on this one, hoping to see more pictures of your dogs! :D
Thank you all for the warm welcome! And for the wonderful comments about our dogs. They bring great joy to our lives.

I have seen you around PDGS and a GSD forum.
Yeah, I belong to several dog boards because there's so much great information out there and each board has its own "flavor".

Just wanted to add a couple more pictures I took of "the Girls" as we call them. :)



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Oh my! They are all gorgeous dogs!!!
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