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Hi Everyone!!!!

I haven't been on a forum in FOREVER!! But let me introduce myself and my furry baby (soon to hopefully be another baby!)

I have a 5 year old sharpei-mix named Dexter who I rescued about 4 year ago (he was found as a stray). Yes he is named after the serial killer :p He is the absolute light of my life and is one of the most patient and kind dogs I've met!

My fiancee and I are currently on trial with a rescue named Jin who has a VERY sad background. He was rescued from Korea from the dog meat market as a puppy and has been in Canada for about 5 months. This poor dog is so fearful but I can see so much potential in him. There's ZERO trust with this guy, he's so unsure of everything from the bathroom, to the basement, front door etc... he is fabulous to walk, very in tune to who is walking him and what is around him. He is also a massive flight risk and will bolt for the door if we aren't paying attention.

I would love any insight on how to help Jin adjust and how to go about start earning his trust. He wont take treats from us, so rewarding right now is out of the question.

(also, any suggestions on how to insert photos? I don't know which online photo storage site to use!)
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