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Hi All!

My husband and I have a 7 month old GSD/mix named Charlie who came from Mississippi. We got him when he was about 3 months old. He is growing fast and has adjusted to moving from an apartment to a house. He loves the bigger space. He is crate trained and is just goofy all around. He enjoys playing with his sister Snowy the cat.

We have just adopted a 10 month old Lab/great dane mix named Drifted on Sunday 10/15. He is a gentle giant. We did a meet and greet of the two dogs at the shelter and we saw they got a long for the 10 minutes they were together.

We took them both home and have been trying to keep them separate so Drifter can adjust to his new home. Drifter does not like the crate, we have placed treats, toys, his food bowl in there and he will not go in. We have allowed him to just explore the area and he still will not go in. He enjoys being outside more than inside. I don't mind if he is an outdoor dog, I actually bought him a dog house which he explored better then the crate. He didn't sleep in the dog house though. ( last night was a little chilly out, i provided him blankets. He is allowed to come inside the house and we gated off an area of the house for him to roam. As he is not house trained yet we constantly have eyes on him. He seems to like my husband and I. He has started playing with some of the toys.

I am looking for suggestions on how to crate train him? When would it be appropriate for the two dogs to meet/be in the same area. If he wants to be an outside dog any suggestions on how to make a space warm and comfortable?

I have inquired about training lessons for both of the dogs. I unfortunately do not know Drifters history.

Thank you!
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