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Hi, I'm Troy. My fiancee is Kiesha. We have two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Rex and Rosie. Rex is 16mos old and weighed in at 99.5lbs at the vet two days ago. Rosie is 22mos and is 60lbs. This is our little family.

We live in Las Vegas NV. The four of us go on hikes on the weekdays, usually 5 days a week. As you know, young dogs need exercise, and RRs need a bit more than typical.

I've had many dogs over the years, from before I can remember. I had a rottie where we did Schutzhund together in California. Rex has been showing with the breeder and has done really well at AKC events. I have also deeply studied canine (and feline) nutrition.

I'm retired from the high-tech industry. I currently have a small business involving pets.

Looking forward to sharing and reading stories and information on this forum.
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