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New Member in Austin,TX

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I just moved from Baton Rouge,LA to Austin, TX. My fiance and I decided to get a puppy. He is almost 2 and a half months old and the most loving puppy I have ever owned.

As for his breed, we took him to the vet and their guess was part rot/german shep/ and lab. He's going to be a big boy and it is amazing how big he has gotten since we brought him home.

I do work a 9-5 job, but my fiance works from home. I wouldn't have even considered a puppy if my fiance didn't have the freedom he has with his job. It really works out great for us and it makes me feel better that he is at home playing with my fiance all day.

I guess I should tell you his name. Shiner is what we named him. He is a sweet and playful puppy.
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Welcome fellow Texan! Have you melted yet from the heat yet? ;)

It is a serious faux paux not to post pictures of your baby! :D Can't wait to see Shiner...named for the brewery? :eek:
Melted - I think it is great here! The humidity is a whole lot better here than in LA! The only problem I have run into is being an LSU fan.. Geaux Tigers!

You are correct - named for the Brewery.

Here are some pictures. He is a little bit bigger now.


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Humidity here in Houston sucks! I haven't been out all day.

Shiner is so cute! Can't wait to watch him grow up. I live vicariously through all the members here who have puppies because mine were grown when I got them...which was my choice. Puppies are like kids...I can love on 'em and give 'em back when I'm done!! :eek: :D
He's really great. He has already learned out to open his puppy gate.
He's really great. He has already learned out to open his puppy gate.
I think that's not a good thing...:eek:
The funniest part is.. he will open it.. and then sit there until you give him permission to come out.
Hello & welcome to df. Shiner is a real cutie. Love the pic in his bed, how does he fit it now? Tilba learned to open the baby gate early on but after a while wouldn't bother.
Now he hangs off out of it. I will try to get a picture next time he falls asleep.
Welcome to the forum! Shiner looks like a great pup. :)
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