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New member here!

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Hi! I'm new and excited to glean from y'all's wisdom and insight! :)
My husband and I just finished an application and adoption process for a scotch collie puppy that should be coming home with us in mid December! Wondering what food brands people with Scotch Collies would recommend?! (Also any other wisdom and things I should research in the waiting period!)
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I'd keep the pup on whatever the breeder is feeding for at least the first few weeks to months. After that, if you want to switch you can.

As far as brands go, I like Pro Plan. My dogs are currently eating the Focus Sensitive Skin and Stomach Salmon and Rice formula.

One thing to consider with herdy dogs is socialization/exposure to the world. They need it. Also, positive-based training is important.

Do you know if the pup will be clear for the MRD-1 mutation (either by parentage or because the breeder will be testing the litter)? If they are heterogeneous positive, then the chances of them having a reaction to common drugs like ivermection is possible, and something to take into account when selecting heartworm prevention.

Another thing to consider is that, since merle is one of the colors in the breed, is that it's not a merle x merle breeding, since the resulting pups can be blind and/or deaf.
Raw food would be best. Quality canned next in line.
If you're going to feed kibble, soak in water. Dry diets aren't natural and are a leading factor in kidney disease.
Having had a "kidney" dog, it ain't fun.
No, kibble does not clean teeth. Does eating Cheerios clean your teeth???
Dry diets aren't natural and are a leading factor in kidney disease.
I've never heard this in dogs, only in cats. Can you point me toward a reputable source for this?
Heard it various places, including two vets who were treating my dog.
My understanding is that dry kibble is not recommended for dogs already suffering from kidney failure. I've never seen a reliable source claim that kibble CAUSES kidney failure.

We have to be careful about broad statements with only anecdotal evidence unless we present them as opinions only.
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There are kibbles formulated specifically to treat kidney issues. Different species, I know, but one of my cats lived nearly 15 years on Rx kidney formula kibble after being poisoned by something as a young adult.
I'm in agreement the best food to start with is whatever your puppy has been getting. Going to a new home is stressful enough without a diet change at the same time. After a month or so of that, then you can change to something else if you decide. Also, while I feed a raw diet, I have to be honest and say I wouldn't feed it to a puppy. There are a lot of considerations to make sure a raw diet provides all necessary nutrients and provides them in balance. Diet deficiencies are a lot more serious during growth than in an adult. If a raw diet appeals, study up while your baby matures and be ready to switch then.

If I'm misunderstanding and you're adopting an adult and not buying a puppy, go for it if that's what you decide suits best, but I'd still keep the same diet for the first month or so.
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