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Hello, I a, lidspinner....mrs. Lidspinner will post from time to time on here I am sure as she is a little crazier than I am about our 3 dogs, or shall I call them our other 3 kids!!!

We have a mutt that has some terrier in him....a car drove by our house 10 years ago, stopped and threw out a trash bag with a new born puppy in it.....long story short, our babysitter rescued it and gave it to our daughter for her birthday the following week....it was our 1st dog as a family.....

Next we grabbed a golden doodle from a lady who was raising them and she was hurting for money so she sold this little female to us for next to nothing....she has been the love of our life...sweetest dog I have ever met or known.

Next we have our toy poodle, he was a puppy mill rescue....we could not stand to see him being treated like a robot anymore....we understood that we were just helping this puppy mill but we wanted to buy them all...we negioated a fair price and now we have a fabulous tiny little dog who thinks he is big....he has tiny dog syndrome.

That's my family of dogs....if we ever move to the country we will add a great Dane to that list...that is our goal.
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