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Hi. My name is Liberti Smith. I have been posting on the forums before I read the rules and New Member forums and for that I am sorry.
I am mainly here for my 5 month old puppy Mic.
He is a cross between Lab and Pitbull. He is my baby, well, one of my 5 babies but I love them all the same. All my babies are my heart and I go to great lenghts for them.
My 5 month old puppy, Mic, has been having seizures and I have never had an animal with seizures so I am worried.
We just found out from the vet today that he has juvenile epilepsy and it is not looking good. Which, I posted a forum about that so, if you like, you can read about that there.
I appreciate any and all advice. And I will try to help anyone I can with the best of my knowledge.

Thanks for having me!
Liberti Smith
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