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:wave:I have a 7 month female American Bull Dog and I own a Sheltie who is 6 months old.
I have questions about my American Bull Dog.

First, I whelped this dog and had her for 4 weeks with her 8 other litter mates, then my bf had her until she was 4 months: where she had an excellent life...but after that not good...

After that she was given to the breeder of my bf's dog (who is the mother; cause the breeder gave my bf the mother), so he owed him a dog.

Anyway, the little girl had a rough life, she was put on a leash in the garage all day and taken home at night.

She is submissive and a bit wild but oh well. I've had her now for aobut 4 days. she is doing really well.

Question. Why does she try to hump her mother? Is it dominance? Could she be ready for heat?

Also why does she lick the mother's ears? Is this submissiveness?

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