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Have a 10 week old lab puppy that we cannot get to stop jumping on us, jumping on furniture, nipping at our heels, crotch, legs, arms, fingers, etc.. We have been trying to use clickers and treats to train things like Sit, Wait, Leave It. Those three she will do readily but the Leave It command she will only stop the misbehavior until she gets a treat and then immediately does the misbehavior again, we say Leave It, she stops and sits immediately waiting for her treat, we give her a treat and a click and within two seconds she does the misbehavior again. It seems obvious that she associates getting a treat for doing the misbehavior not for stopping doing the misbehavior. And it has not made her decide not to do the misbehavior at all. We're worn out. To keep our clothes and our furniture from being ripped up and to keep her from constantly tearing at our toes, shoes, fingers, etc.., she ends up going in the playpen. I don't like leaving her in the playpen but if she is uncontrollable, I don't know what else to do. We've tried by the way to substitute treats with verbal praise or a pat on the head or belly and she still goes right back to the misbehavior. We've tried walking away and ignoring her, not giving her the "treat" of our attention and she just runs behind us and bites our heels, ankles and pulls our clothing. If I immediately stop walking, this does nothing to stop her behavior. We've tried telling her to sit and wait (stay) but she will not stay in that position forever, especially if given no treat, and so she'll sit there quietly waiting on a treat and when one isn't forthcoming, she's back to getting in trouble. We need help.
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