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New here!

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Hi! Just here to introduce myself, or rather my dog. Deacon is my pup, he is a 6 (7 years on march 11!!!!) year old all american (mutt). He is a spunky dude with energy beyond anything i've seen. Of course, with age he's slowed down, but you would barley notice. He could run for HOURS If I allowed him to. He is the cutest little thing. He loves attention but can be a little standoffish to new people, but he wants nothing more to collapse into your lap and be cuddled. He has a issue with other dogs, but this is why muzzles exist, yeah? When in his muzzle he is the most confident. Without he'll nip out of fear. Its okay though, hes still the best dog. He has to have alot of structure in his life, and a ton of mental stimulation to keep him happy and healthy. but its totally worth the work.
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