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Glad to be a member! I am from BC, Ca. I have quite a houseful, with 4 human bodies, a cat that acts like a teenager, and two dogs! One is a 6yo purebred female pitbull, and the other is a 1yo Male Cane Corso mix! he is supposedly crossed with Neapolitan Mastiff, but he looks nothing like one! We suspect catahoula leopard dog because of his mix of brindle and merle coat!

I am mainly here for tips on training, and eliminating naughty dog behaviour!

I was a part of a flyball and agility club in the past (6ish years ago) and am looking forward to getting back into flyball with my pitty once I am finished with college, and hopefully start agility with my mastiff. I will be making fresh postings in the general forum after this! :)

glad to be here to talk 'dog' with like-minded individuals! Thanks!
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