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Hi all :wave:, new to this site and so far it looks great!!

I live in Essex UK with my family and of course my lovely 2 dogs.

Firstly i have Sasha who is a 16 month Siberian Husky girl. She is very lively but at the same time so gentle and loving. She was my first dog who i got at 11 weeks old and cant imagine life without her.

Then 3 days ago we brought Roxy who is a 8 week old German Shepherd girl. So far she is very playful and an ankle biter ha ha!

Will add some pics now of my 2 beautys :)

Sasha as a puppy
Dog Mammal Siberian husky Vertebrate Canidae

Sasha Now!!
Dog Siberian husky Mammal Vertebrate Canidae

Dog breed Dog Canidae German shepherd dog Floor
German shepherd dog Dog Canidae Dog breed Floor
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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