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My husband and I adopted Penny four weeks ago. This is my first dog as an adult but my family had many dogs while I was growing up.

We adopted Penny from an animal shelter. We wanted to adopt a dog for about a year. We met a lot of different dogs but I never felt a connection until I met Penny. My husband picked her out at the shelter from a couple hundred dogs. I said I wanted to met her also. At our meeting she came right up to me put her paws on my thighs and a few seconds later jumped right into my lap for cuddles.

At the end of the meeting she didnt want to leave me and I didn't want to leave her so we adopted her that day.

The shelter told us she might be Chihuahua and Shiba mix. She is four years old and was brought in as a stray.

Penny is super sweet and cuddly. Penny doesn't Beach Canidae Dog Sky Sea
like to bark either, she likes to be quiet. She is a medium energy dog. She doesn't like to chase balls but she likes to go for walks and sniff around. She loves to crawl on my lap and watch movies with me. She also likes to sit on the patio and watch squirrels while I read a book.
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Penny has really good house manners and always listens when we tell her "NO!" but she loves it most of all when we tell her she is a "Good Girl!"

Oh! and her favorite color is Pink! Okay, okay, maybe my favorite color is pink and she just goes along with it.
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