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Good morning! I just adopted an 8 mo old Maltese named Brooks. We are all adjusting to this change in our lives. Brooks' previous owner simply did not have time for him and he stayed in his crate the biggest part of the time. She gave him to a friend of my daughters. She couldn't keep him because her large male dog hated him. So trial run in another home (his third one) Again another male dog in the house and Brooks wasn't working well with that so here he is now in his 4th home. He is adorable but has some issues we need to work out. He is unaltered and that is being taken care of Monday. We have issues with marking his territory :( and with barking (a lot) :(.
He is crate trained and does go out to go potty. Always pees and hasn't pooped in the house at all. However can't say he is really house trained with the marking that he does. I came here hoping to get some advice from experience puppy owners so this is Brooks forever home...not just another stop for him. Appreciate any tips anyone can give me. Thanks!
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