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New here with my new puppy!

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Hello everyone,

My daughter who has actually visited this site for awhile recommended it to me. A little about myself...my daughter and I rescued Nina from Katrina and Nina is still my sweet, sweet pup. I love her dearly...oh yes, and her mom too! When my daughter moved out last May I said that I would not get a dog right away, give it some time. A month ago I decided it was time and did lots of homework. We've adopted several dogs over the years, but this time I decided to do a google search on what would best fit my lifestyle and what I was personally looking for in a dog. (I must admit...I was very spoiled with my daughters dog, Nina..she is a doll.) I finally decided on a labradoodle and she is a sweetie. I adore her. Look forward to chatting with you and learning much from this site.

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