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I was sent to read something here a few weeks ago, and decided to join today.

My name is Melissa and I am from Windsor Ontario. I have 3 dogs I own, Rhys (pronounced Reese 8 years old today), Ruby (4.5 years old) and Virginia (Ruby's daughter 9 months old). All Labradors. I also co-own two more, Ruby's puppies, Marshall and Lucy.

I am active in conformation dog shows and obedience trials. We've been tracking for three years. I have bred just one litter, with all applicable clearances and puppies were sold on spay and neuter contracts. I am also active in Labrador rescue and currently I am raising a litter of four three week old Aussie Mix puppies for the local shelter.

Its very nice to talk to pet owners, rather than breeders for a change. Because above all, I am still very much a pet owner. :)


Here's a picture of Virginia (aka The Ginny Monster) and I from last week
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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