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New here. Question about crystals in puppy's urine

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Hi, my name is Kathy. I have a 6-month old, female, Yorkie/Bichon mix. Her name is Lucy. Over the weekend she started peeing in the house (she's pretty much housebroken) and when we took her outside to go, she would squat repeatedly. Looked like typical UTI symptoms to me. (I just lost my 8-1/2 year old Golden back in January, she used to get UTI's often so I'm familiar).

I called the vet, they examined her and gave me Clavamox. Being that it was Saturday I had to wait until yesterday (Monday) for the results. When they called me they told me that Lucy has red blood cells and crystals in her urine and it would be advisable to have her x-rayed as she may have bladder stones.

The x-rays were strange. The vet couldn't see the dogs bladder? She could see what looked like pockets of gas or even stool but no sign of a bladder. Weird. She also didn't see any stones. Now they are talking about thickening of the bladder walls and doing a contrast study and possibly a biopsy of the bladder.

I've been reading a lot online and it looks like a diet change would help. I'm curious if anyone has had experience with crystals in their dogs urine and if so, I'd love any advice anyone can offer.

Thanks so much! Sorry this is so long!:)
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Over the weekend she started peeing in the house (she's pretty much housebroken) and when we took her outside to go, she would squat repeatedly.

Having just gone through this with our 2 year old Lexi, I can certainly relate. She had been showing symptoms of a UTI since the day we got her (she was 9 weeks old) and I was told she was a submissive pee-er cause she's a cockapoo. Well when she started going in the house this spring, I insisted they do a culture. LOTS of crystals. When they did the xray, they couldn't find her bladder either. Lots of gas and stool too. I was told on two occassions that she has a very small bladder. Fortunately, they saw no stones. She was put on antibiotics and Rx food that didn't work. Thanks to suggestions from this board I switched her to Wellness Core (not sure if they have a puppy version) and the 2nd anitbiotic (Clavamox) worked.

I also add about 1/4 cup water, and a bit of canned food to increase her water consumption. At a follow up vet visit last month, I was told to keep up what I'm doing because she has no more crystals - and I was again told about her small bladder. So water is key in changing the PH of her urine, and you may just be able to continue with her puppy food, (what is it anyway?) and add more moisture to her diet. Good luck - I know the frustration.
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