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New Here From Ohio

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Hello, im Samantha and I have three random, wild, wonderful dogs.

First off there is Maggie May. She will be 4 years old in a week. I have had her since my senior year of high school. I adopted her from a rescue that pulled her from a puppymill. She has many health problems including allergies, part deaf, partially blind, breathing problems ect. And also many issues with fear of men and new situations.

But she is my heart dog, and my very best girl.

And then there is Sawyer. My big yellow 1 year old Labradork ;). Okay here is the WHOLE story its a long one! Last summer my neighbor told me that her daughters female yellow Lab had just had a litter of 13 puppies. She had an oops litter with her daughters male chocolate Lab also purebred. I wished I could take a puppy but living with my mom I knew she wouldn't want anouther dog. Fast forward nine weeks and our other neighbors. Bought Sawyer (though at the time his name was Hoss). I saw him on a friday and thought he was a really cute yellow Lab pup. My neighbors then went on a camping trip over the weekend taking their new puppy. That monday night I was sitting in the living room when I heard a puppy crying.........And crying and crying. I looked outside to see that not only was it raining (but hot and muggy July) but the little yellow puppy was chained to their truck bumper with no food or water. I was torn wether I should call the police or not because we have had issues with these neighbors before with how they treated their animals. So I decided I would wait until morning. Before I even headed over there. Neighbor A (the one whose daughter was the breeder) came knocking on my door. When I answered she asked me if I had heard that puppy crying. And I said yes and asked her why the other neighbors would chain him up like that. She told me that on the camping trip they did not feed him food but sausages. And of course that resulted in one sick puppy. So I guess on Sunday when they got home. Neighbor B went over to Neighbor A's place and told her to take the puppy because it was sick and they didn't want it. But neighbor A could not take the puppy. I told Neighbor A not to worry about it. And walked over and untied the puppy from the truck and walked to neighbor B's front door and knocked. Before I could get out a word. Neighbor B thrust the puppies envelop which held his papers. And said "Just take him we were gonna let him run off anyway. He's a chewer, he poops, pee's, and pukes in the house. He's your problem now". In shock I walked away with one very cute, very thin, and very sick Labrador puppy. My mom ended up letting me keep him as she is a sucker for puppy eyes hehe. And I pay alittle extra rent. I spent over $200 in vet bills because of how dehydrated he was and he had two different kinds of worms, was infested with fleas, had a severe ear infection, and a bad case of Giardia. Sawyer has grown into a strong, muscular, beautiful, smart boy. And I hope every time Neighbors B see him they regret how badly they treated him.

And finally there is Keiko. My newest addition. She is a 6 month old Australian Shepherd/Boxer/Pointer/Heinz 57. I got Keiko from a couple who no longer wanted her because she like most puppies plays rough with their little dog. So they contacted me through my pet sitting business asking me to please take her. I guess they had her on craigslist for a couple weeks and were ready to dump her on the side of the road. So of course I took her. She is very sweet already spayed, vaccinated, and flea treated. She can use some work on her manners but otherwise she is great. The only breed im positive she has in her is Aussie because her original "owners" owned her dam the purebred Aussie. Keiko is very sweet and my constant shadow.

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Welcome to the forums! I am new here myself :]

I must say, you're lab is a VERY handsome boy! I hope my little Deezel grows up to be a looker like him!

And, although it's unimportant, my boyfriend lives in Ohio! My heart always skips a little at the mention of the state, hahaha.
Hello & welcome to df. That's quite an intro.
I'm so happy your mum let you keep Sawyer. What horrible ppl. He sure has the right home now.
MM has such sad eyes. And Keiko doesn't look anything like an Aussie with that smooth coat. Look forward to hear more about your dogs & see lots more pics.
Very handsome doggies you have. I have 2 dogs, or I should say 1 is my sons. I would like more but we live in a house with a small back yard & with our other pets we are rather crowded.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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