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New here from Lincoln, Il

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Hello, everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself and family. My name is Krista, husband Gordon. We have two son's 11 and 16. We also have a Jack Russell male (you will never guess his name?) Jack 5 yrs. old. Female Jack Russell/ Rat Terrior named Jackie. 3 yrs. old and a Carolina Dog named Riylee. We have had Jackie since she was 13 weeks old. Riylee we have had for two weeks. Jack we just picked up today. Riylee and Jack came from the same shelter. A month ago we just buried are beloved Oero he was eight yrs old. Died to kidney failure. Our Jackie really hasn't been the same.

So I hope I can meet others with grieving dogs and people who are just as crazy as me to own jack russells...
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Welcome!! Lincoln is an hour away from me, I am in Strasburg(between Effingham and Shelbyville) :D
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