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I brought home a 4 month old Great Dane puppy yesterday. I got him from a rescue that had a large litter. I have 3 other dogs and I introduced them one at a time. I haven’t had any issues with growling or fighting at all. The Great Dane is timid and skiddish to new things which I think will just take some time as he was just separated from his litter mates and is in a new home. I have no trouble at all crating him and he made it all night without a potty break. All seems well, but here are the odd things. First, he follows me everywhere like glue outside and in the back half the house, but he refuses to go beyond the kitchen to the front of the house and that’s where my family room and office are located. I can drag him beyond but as soon as I let go he goes back to the kitchen or another room back there. Any idea what is going on? Second, he just started stepping in between me and my other dogs if they get too close. No growling or anything but I’m worried it will turn into being possessive and a fight. I’ve only had him 24 hrs. How do I squash this? Third, he sniffs the other dogs and let’s them sniff and stuff, but he doesn’t play with them at all. He just doesn’t act like a puppy. Is it the breed, is he just a puppy that warms up slowly, something else? ... thank you.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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