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New fur growth?

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Hi all,

One of my dogs suddenly started growing fur on his belly, we got him as a rescue when he was about a year old. We’ve had him about two years and recently moved cross country to the east coast to live near family. About two months ago he started growing fur on his belly. Up til now his belly was completely bald. Not a single fur. The fur he is growing is healthy and fairly thick.

Has anyone else ever experienced sudden new hair growth with a dog?
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All my dogs have a lot more belly fur as they mature. Bucky is almost 5 and has enough that it catches nature and mats up but not really fuzzy. Sassy and Max came here at less than a year old with naked tummies and by the time they passed had extremely fuzzy tummies. Ginger is now 10 and her tummy is fuzzier than it was when she came here at 5 years old. Sassy had a short dense double coat like a shorter haired lab, Max had a wavy spaniel type feathered coat and the other two have medium long feathered coats.

Dog version of nose and ear hair?
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