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New frenchie owner

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Hello everyone in this forum... I just got a Frenchie and I have concerns I own 3 other dogs different breeds..My concerns is why do french bulldog love to eat their own poop... My frenchie is 8 months old he has been doing this for what it seems since we brought him home.. We took him to the vet and he gave us medication and antibiotics to help him kill any bacteria with his constant poop eating... I tried looking after him after he eats when he goes and their days he is good but I have to b vigilant all the time.. I need suggestions on how I can stop him from this constant habit.. I tried pineapple on his food,pumpkin purre,tenderizer... and nothing has helped... I need help
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Many dogs do this.
Have you completely ruled out a dietary issue? What are you feeding him?
The best strategy for dealing with this is management. Don't let him get to the poop. And teach a good "leave it" command. Make a better alternative for him, such as a treat or toy, so he's less tempted by the poop. And keep your yard cleaned up, so he doesn't have access to any.
Lots of young dogs eat their own poop. Why? Nobody really knows. They're dogs, they do really gross things sometimes for no discernible reason. Most grow out of it, but you should definitely be preventing him from eating it in the first place. You should be picking up poop immediately. Don't let it lay around in the yard, and keep him on a leash in case he encounters a pile on walks.
Thank you for the responses.. I do clean up right away and it still seems to happened.. I don't know of he does it for attention.. I mean he has his moments but I want to stop it completely if possible.. And I don't think is a dietary issue I have taken him to vet and at first they recommended Royal Canine food and I tried it but I felt like it gave him too much gas and I felt he wasn't getting enough nutrients.. So I changed it to the Stella and chewy it's raw meal with quinoa and other nutrients.. And he likes it.. But I will try to give him commands and try the toys and treats to enforce him to stop this behavior...:);):love:
It's not just frenchie who likes to this. What I did is from 1 week I did train him and watch him constantly if she would poop and what I did is every time he would poop I would give him food right away / treat.
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