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Obviously I can't see it, but it sounds like a typically OMG I LOVE YOU! MUST TACKLE AND LICK YOU! pit bull behavior.
I swear that nearly every one of them I have met (and all of my fosters) had no concept of personal space and just wanted to climb on my lap and a lot of them do have eye contact. Like "look at me, love on me, pay attention to me" They lean, they snuggle, they follow you around the house.

This worries me though:
When my boxer doesn't like a kid being too rough with her kids, she'll stare at their face and get closer and closer then nips at their face. But there are red flags all over her posture. She is tense, her tail if wagging is pressed down tight, her back legs are little bent, her ears a little back. Its soooo obvious.
Why is your boxer even getting half a chance to nip at a kid? The second she shows any of those warning signs, she needs to be completely separated and controlled away from the kid/dog/person she is having issues with.

While nothing you have said indicates that the male pit bull has any tendency to nip, if you let the sort of thing happen with a pit that you (appear) to be letting happen with your boxer, it could mean a death sentence for the pit. People freak out. Hell, people can freak out that a "scary pit bull" bit their kid if the dog LICKS a stranger's kid.
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