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New Dog

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I just got a new dog, a Lab/Husky mix... I don't have much experience with dogs but I'm pretty active and wanted a big dog to run with me during the summer. Any advice or tips you could give me?
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How old is the dog?

If it is a puppy I recommend starting out in Puppy Classes as soon as the dog is eligible age-wise. If not, get into a few beginner obedience classes so the dog is actually ENJOYABLE to run with on leash.
It's 15 weeks old. That's probably a good idea are those classes expensive?
i dont really know anything about dogs, ive had him for about 2 days now hes very calm for a half lab it seems. i taught him the sit command in the first day it was pretty easy with that nilif system.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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