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New Dog

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I just got a new dog, a Lab/Husky mix... I don't have much experience with dogs but I'm pretty active and wanted a big dog to run with me during the summer. Any advice or tips you could give me?
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Implimint N.I.L.I.F It's a sticky in the training thread.

The concept is basically the dog does something before it gets what it wants.

He wants dinner, you make them sit, then give them dinner.
He wants petting, you make him sit/lay down, something.
He wants to go for a walk, you make him sit before putting on the leash, sit before walking out the door.

This will help you guys bond, while showing your dog that he can look to your for guidance, and will also help with good manners.

Teach some basic commands, sit, stay, down, come.

The training forum sticky's will help you with all of this, just read through those and they will help you.

Have fun running, that mix will make a perfect running partner.
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Nothing in life is free, it's a sticky in the training forum.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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