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New dog wont eat (hasnt in 2 1/2 days) and is vomiting

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I just adopted a beautiful black lab (1 year and 6 month old) retriever 2 days ago from a shelter. He's in perfect health, but he hasnt really eaten much, save for a LITTLE bit of boiled chicken and rice. He wont touch his dog food. (The shelter said they never had a certain brand so i dont think its that)
But now he is vomiting and not pooping so im worried.

I know stress can cause them to not eat, his owner also died which is why he was surrendered to the shelter so we believe he is depressed.

This is the first dog ive owned on my own so i wanna do things right.
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A visit to the vet is in order. It is against forum rules to give medical advice, as someone giving the wrong advice could delay a real diagnosis and cause further damage to the dog. It could be nothing but stress, or it could be a blockage, but an internet forum doesn't know because we're not vets. It would be best to call the vet and at least see what they recommend you do. Calls are free.

After you've received a diagnosis, please feel free to come back and discuss in a new thread.
Yes, definitely take him to the vet. Try as they might, just because of the sheer volume of animals coming through them from who knows where, shelters are known for being havens for all sorts of nasty diseases and parasites.
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