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New Dog Parent

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Hi everyone, :wave:

I'm a new dog parent. Adopted my pup from the local shelter 11 weeks ago. As much as I love puppies, I knew I wanted to adopt a dog. I wanted a senior dog, too, as they tend to be the last ones out at shelters. 6 months of searching, nothing.

One weekend, I went to the local shelter not thinking of getting a dog. And I walked out with one. I had set my heart on adopting a senior dog but I walked out of the shelter with this face, instead:

Since then, it's been an road of adventures, excitement, worries, concerns, and pure joy.
Here to share and learn from others, too. Looking forward to reading everyone's post!
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Congratulations! Cute dog :) Do you know what breeds are mixed in there?
Thanks, Jen :)

The shelter says he's Lab / German Shepherd Dog mix. I see qualities of both in him all the time. Those ears are definitely the Lab in him!
Thanks, Wet Beards :)

Named him Fury, after Nick Fury from the Marvel series.
On a separate note, if anyone know where I can get some Marvel/Avengers/S.H.I.E.L.D tag for Fury, that'd be saweet! :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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