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New dog owner

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Hey joined the forum becuase im an up coming new dog (adopting him mid month. Going to meet him sunday) owner and I dont want to be completely lost when he gets to my house. I grew up with cats and im allergic to dogs. So we decided on our dog because hes a bassenji (hypoallerginic breed) but hes also a bull terrier (not hypoallergenic) so im a litter worried about that but im sure it will work. So I have a few questions about my new pup.

For one are basenjis and bull terriers agressive in any way? I know theyre both super intelligent breeds and theyre not the best with kids cats and other dogs really. Im sure some are but im just wondering in general.

Secondly how often should I bathe him. Considering I probably will have some allergies to him I want to wash him as often as I can but I also dont want his skin to dry out or anything else along those lines.

Thirdly any brands of food shampoos etc that have worked well for your bull terrier/basenji I would like to know because I want the best for my pup.

Also any tips or general dog knowledge is much appreciated.

Thats all. Thanks everyone!
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I do suffer from allergies in general (never been told Im allergic to dog), but Ive always wanted a boxer or a french bulldogs, both of which are not hypoallergenic, then I looked at my lifestyle and kept reading about dogs and found that bulldog went more with waht I need (low energy, low excercise, etc). So far i have not had any problems with allergies ( and i am very prone to allergies). Ive had him for almost two months. So this allergy issue, I have to say, just try him (i did feel a lil bit the first week i got him, maybe it was coincidence or maybe I just got used to it?).
Hopefully you won't have to many problems with your allergies.

IMHO on bathing, beware too many chemicals aren't good for the skin and coat and may cause more dandruff and more allergies for you. If it was me id "shampoo" him when needed for smell and if he rolls in gross things. Other than that rinse him with plain tap water regularly. Especially during your allergy season rinse him off when he comes inside from playing. Chances are he will bring more allergins into your home than his dandruff. Good luck :)
As far as I know basenji's aren't hypoallergenic.

They have less dander than other breeds so they can be easier on those allergic to it, but there are no guarantees, especially since you're getting a mixed breed. (Do you know the parents for sure or was it someone's best guess?)

The only thing you can do is spend some time with the dog and see how it goes.
I've been allergic to cats and dogs since I was little, but loved them so much I couldn't stay away. My symptoms have significantly decreased from all the exposure (like when they give small dosages of bee stings to kids with bee allergies).
When you're mixing two breeds it's hard to tell what traits from each parents they'll end up with. There is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog, but they have hair instead of fur so they shed less, produce less dander and saliva.
The breeder should be able to answer about the fur of the puppies and the temperament of the parents and breeds. If they can't you may have a backyard breeder on your hands and you'll want to steer clear of that.
If you want to know more about the breeds in question you can go to the Animal Planet website or youtube and search "Dogs 101" with the name of the breed you want information on.
You shouldn't bathe a dog more than once a month.
I use Burt's Bees 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner for Puppies. It's made with a minimum 95% natural ingredients and is cruelty free. It also contains: no parabens; no phthalates; no petrochemicals; no synthetic fragrances and no sulfates. It retails for $10 for 16 fl oz/375 ml bottle.
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You could likely bathe your dog as often as you wish, if you do it right and your dog has no skin conditions that preclude frequent baths. After all, show dogs that are being campaigned get bathed every week. Some even more often and they have great skin and coat. You have to use a good quality gentle dog shampoo, make sure you rinse rinse rinse and dry them very well. Not just well towel dried, some kind of active drying like a forced air dryer. When dogs sit with wet skin they can develop hot spots. The dog also has to be on a good diet so they can easily replenish the oils on their skin.

The advice about not bathing too much used to be valid. Back when I was young, bathing the dog meant a harsh detergent and a hose in the backyard. Rinsing was haphazard. On top of that, kibble back then was pretty awful. If they put in more than about 8% fat it would go rancid. Low quality protein, maybe from soy or corn. Of course a dog in that scenario would get terribly itchy skin from bathing!
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I bathed Sassy when *I* got itchy as it is the saliva and dead skin that cause reactions. She needed one once a month on average. See if you react to the parents of your prospective pup, have them lick your arms to see if you react. Give your pup a nice cuddle with lots of kisses to see if you react. Hope it works for you.

I wouldn't consider a Basenji good with children and they have very high prey drive. The few bull terriers I have met were lovable blobs with no drives at all that weren't good with other dogs.

To get the low down on how awful a breed can be check the breed rescue sites. They want to place their dogs permanently and make good and sure adopters know what they are getting into. These are just the first couple of sites I found. Remember a mix could be the best of one, the worst of the other, best of both or the worst of both or something else entirely!
http://www.basenjirescue.org/REALITY%20STORIES/default.htm http://www.bullterrierrescue.org/?page_id=375
I agree about the washing - start out once a week and delay it for as long as you are comfortable. I wash my dog about every 3 months. You can go to PetsMart, as well as ask your Vet for an inexpensive, gentle, general purpose dog shampoo.

As far as personality, I think you have two 'extremes'. Bull terriers are sweet with people, and I think they're good with other dogs. I assume they mean the long nosed dogs [Used in the Target ads], not the other bully breeds. On the other hand, Basenjis chortle, have a sense of humor, and can be as aloof as a cat to both people and dogs ... each is unique. I've seen one that will jump over my dog and play with him, and others that are fearful of my enthusiastic Lab mix. The best bet is to super socialize him with as many different people and dogs, (and other animals) as possible.
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