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New dog owner - vet question

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we adopted a 11 week-old puppy a couple of weeks ago and went to a vet with her this past week for a puppy exam.

I did not feel very comfortable after leaving. First off, they did a fecal test and found out that she has worms. We were given some pills for her and they also told us to start her on heartworm prevention, gave us a 1-month free sample of Sentinel.
I did some research and found out that you should not start your dog on heartworm prevention until the dog was tested for it. They did not test her though and still told us to start the pills. :confused:
We did not give her the pill yet and are thinking about switching to another vet.
Another thing is that the technician was talking to us about how to housetrain our dog and after we told her that we are not crate training she basically told us we are not doing it correctly then and that dogs her age can hold it for about 8 hours! She is only 3 months old so i always thought they can only hold it the number of months they are plus one??

What do you guys think?
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Hi! You are absolutely right to look around for a vet you are comfortable with. Even if the vet suggested all the right things but you dont feel at home there or with him/her you must look for a better fit. It is no different than looking for a Primary care physician for yourself.

Just to reaffirm to you the standard is to start the new pup or dog on heartworm preventative care. With that said I am not an advocate of any kind of medication if it is not absoutely necessary. Preventative care for specific elements depends on the pup's lifestyle.

Is it going to be an inside or and outside dog?

Do you use pet boarders or pet sitting services often?

What part of the country do you live in (mosquitos).

Genetically is the pup prone to any particluar ailment and is it at this time showing symptoms of anything.(parvo)

Just like human bodies animal bodies have to process medication. If you feed the pup good quality food, maintain its regular check ups with the vet, look out for anything out of the odinary,you shouldnt have to give it meds of any kind.

The vet Tech was absolutely wrong to put his 2 cents in. It was condescending and rude. I would call the office and speak with the vet and mention his behaviour. He took it upon himself to mentor you and it was unprofessional the vet should be aware of that and possibly correct it in the future. I understand you are a new pet owner and it is natural to be unsure about things in pet care but remember no question is too silly to ask. So on your visit with a new vet ask.ask.ask
Good luck on your search for a good vet and congratulations on your new baby! One dog lover to another you will make beautiful memories with your darling as I have with all of mine!:)


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Thanks for all the help!
I think we will start looking for a new vet. Do you think I will have to have another puppy exam at the new place?
She was supposed to only get some shots and another fecal sample at the next appointment, i dont really want to pay another exam fee but i am not sure if they will do it without examining the pup again :(

I think when you call around for a new vet that would be a good question to ask. Tell them the truth about your experience and let them know you would rather not pay for the same thing twice.

Also you can get in touch with this vet and get any results from the first visit so you can give them to the new vet. Personally I would go for the shots and the second fecal sample so they can finish up with your pup's initial exam. And while you are there just get the results so you can start fresh with a new vet and they will have test results and wont have to do the initial.
the key to shopping for a good vet is just havind face time with them and not proceeding with tests until you are sure they are right people for you.
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